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San Luis Obispo WEdding photography & Videography

BEHIND THE LENS with andrew & jenny

Andrew and Jenny’s journey of documenting weddings began with a common intrigue for adventure, storytelling, and building authentic human connections.

The husband and wife team from California’s Central Coast have found that the most exceptional photo and video products are achieved when couples are conveyed as they truly are, in the realness and vulnerability of their emotions. Andrew and Jenny complement these love stories by thoughtfully integrating the beauty of natural environments and unique spaces, creating heirlooms that are altogether timeless, altogether real, and altogether you.


“This is the spark that expands into a flame and like a star flashes within me”

who we are

-where the state’s agricultural lands meet the Sequoia National Forest. Growing up near open spaces, he’ll always have an affinity for California’s Central Valley—his original home. Documenting weddings is for Andrew both art and profession; the privilege of creating something new every time that complements and celebrates the uniqueness of every couple. Now based in San Luis Obispo, Andrew still values outdoor spaces the most as well as the richness and creativity of his community. 

—a quiet town situated near the Pacific where the natural aesthetic of golden hills, oaks, and vineyards have long engendered artistic expression in so many forms. Inspired by her environment and by the strong love and sense of community shared with her family and friends, Jenny deeply values the opportunity to help tell others’ unique stories of love and community. She loves spending time with Andrew and her pups, studying medicine, and exploring the world and its infinite perspectives. Jenny looks forward to the place where her and Andrew’s story intersect with yours.


Jenny grew up in Arroyo Grande, California

Andrew was raised in Porterville, California.

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